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letra de yearn to burn bright - ba'al (uk)


ignite the world, let it burn for the sake of burning
let me lay skinless in a salt lined grave of my own making
look into the night
i can block out the light of the largest star with just my finger

so here i lay with a fractured sense of self
when it’s the eyes that are shattered
how many years bad luck is that?
here in the mire, in the sewer
where the rats suckle low hung fruit and grow fat
i am free to dream what i could have been

and what i wish to prеsent that i am
though c-ckroaches peer through my eyеs like portholes
i can shake the disease from my bones
pick off every flea and bat away the cloud of flies

while i still inhale
while i still exhale
i can be saved
believe i will be saved

and some who would help
dress as portia, but speak iago’s lines
wrong stage, my love, now be a dear and f-ck off
i have no use for tourists at this time
i’m not a pet for you to keep so you can watch it die
while i still inhale, while i still exhale
i can be saved, i will be saved

here in the darkness, in a room with no doors
inside my head, four oppressive walls
where i am a child again, where i was a child before
with a finger of chalk, let us draw a window
with a blunted pencil, let us write a note
place a message in a bottle and cast it out

a man asks for help for the child inside is crying out
i’m just a man in search of a leg up
lift me above this deafening sound of flies
lift me above the tendrils of the mire

i’ll sithee on the way back down
i’ll sithee as you burn on re-entry
i’ll sithee in ground as we are redistributed
i’ll learn to burn bright, even if it’s my own cremation

i’ll learn to burn bright, even if it’s my own cremation

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