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letra de outro - b.o.b



okay people, mm mmm mmm
this has been a great excellent mixtape
and if you still… y’know quite frankly
if you’re at this point in the mixtape
and you still don’t know who i am
y’know if-if you’re on the road drivin, just continue drivin
and if you see a red light, just byp-ss that motherf-cker
and just keep goin; hopefully
an eighteen wheeler truck will collide with your car
killing yourself, so you don’t have to
because yo’ dumb -ss has been listenin to this mixtape
all 20 30 some odd tracks, and you still don’t know who the f-ck i am
c’mon man! c’mon – what do i do this for? y’know
anyway; enough of the bullsh-t, y’know
and if my cussing is offending you
i am (very) f-cking apologetic for it
i’m sorry, that’s just how i gotta roll, y’know
i, i try not to cuss, y’know i try to keep it clean
but this, this right here, this “who the f-ck is b.o.b” mixtape?
it ain’t for that! it ain’t for the crowd who don’t wanna hear me cuss
i’m sorry, y’know, so f-ck off, okay?
take this cd out, toss it out the window
hopefully the n-gg- in the eighteen wheeler truck who hit you
will catch it, and put it in, and he’ll enjoy it, y’know?
so anyway, check out the myspace page
myspace dot come slash b.o.b atl
you can download the mixtapes for free
you can check out all the music i’m doin
check out “generation lost,” please please check it out
or you can go to the website
w-w-w dot b-o-b-a-t-l dot com
y’know?! be on the lookout for the alb-m
people, i-i don’t really have a lot of time
[keys rattle] i gotta go, i gotta get the f-ck outta here
what time is it? god d-mn it
ahh! this b-o-b, bobby ray, hear dem go!