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letra de dynomite - b.o.b


i don’t give a f-ck
i don’t really care
party over here
f-ck who’s over there

[verse 1]
my life what you don’t live
a f-cks what i don’t give
suicide doors up, call that sh-t roadkill
basic gon recognize money, real gon recognize real
thirsty hoes still need water like a fish that ain’t got no gills
y’all n-gg-s got no skills
ima beast y’all so scared
my squad we so for real
you a lightweight you so frail
then my toe nail
i am a pro
so therefore i pro-bail, look out below
rollin with all this louis
mr. vuitton might sue me
motherf-ckin hoe you don’t know
do your research don’t do me
everybody know what i’m on
cuz everybody know i’m usually smokin
i’m with that
aha aha

[hook x2]

[bridge x2]
that tnt i’m talkin
we smokin
we got that fire, we got that

[verse 2]
back up in this b-tch, it’s black benjamin franklin
yeah they hating, i could give a f-ck quite frankly
yeah i’m super sick please send me a tissue thank you
i don’t need no script i just spit this here from thinking
i’m a polar bear
cold as h-ll
who that there
everybody say it cost to be the boss but now i know the fare
yeah right b-tch don’t go there
been around the globe you go nowhere
landin in your city and it ain’t even got no airport there
i got knots like ghetto hair
the way she move that’s like jell-o there
muhf-cker i’m a blow up everywhere like dynomite


[verse 3]
i went to the club on a wednesday night
ran into a freak that my girlfriend like
might ike that dyk- til she like that pipe
s-x so fire could have been dynonite