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letra de bombs away - b.o.b


bombs away
(feat. morgan freeman)

[intro: morgan freeman]
as the war between light and darkness continues
heroes and villains become harder to identify
kindred spirits separated at birth
fighting for their place in time to be solidified
the clock ticks faster and faster
while time runs a marathon in this babylon
but see, the end is only the beginning
the beginning of the calm before the storm

[verse 1: b.o.b]
i used to dream of success, now success is inadequate
it seems the bigger i get, it’s the more they get mad at me
cause it ain’t no rules inside this fight that we battlin’
and it ain’t no leftover scr-ps, you only eat if you capture it
and i swear it’s like a f-cked up reality
but creation needs a devil, the devil needs an advocate, i guess
and i ain’t too big on duality, but
you think you know me? you ain’t seen the half of me
so fly, no gravity
so high, mount everest
and the show must go on, yes
but i don’t have to act in it
and they don’t make a television that handles the frequencies of my channel
and there ain’t no computer that can hack it
it just don’t have the capacity
h-ll naw that ain’t happenin’
you hustle? well we are grand hustle, n-gg- we mastered it
y’all workin’ on your bachelors, we ball like we athletes
drink wine out of chalices on sunday like we catholics
and if this is an emb-ssy, consider me amb-ssador
official, no artificial preservatives or additives
i love it all, but i ain’t attached to it
they call this a game because it is exactly

[hook x2: b.o.b]
whenever i wake up, i get this feeling
that i can’t wait up, cause time is ticking
bombs away (bombs away)

[verse 2: b.o.b]
and it seems like, in the grand scheme of it all
the world’s run by a few people and we never seen them at all
how do they exist if we don’t know who they are?
they can be you, they could be me, they could be queens and gods
some say that we’re slaves, an alien race created us all
from a distant star, some say through evolution we evolve
but if anything, what you finna see is a change, don’t be alarmed
and whoever they are, well i think that it’s time we start takin’ charge
f-ck rules, f-ck boss
you can be whatever you want
you could be a star with a car with a house made out of gold
and the springs or the falls, you could never see it all
if you don’t know what i mean, have you seen niagara falls?
man i swear this world is ours, but i’ve just been pushed too far
now i be beast mode up on these bars
freak out a beat and then beat it out raw
good god, if i go this hard, by the time i’m ninety
i won’t need v–gr- naw, even if i had a dog
i be the canine, i’d have a ball
better watch out when you cross my yard
i am a flame, i am the spark
i am in drive, y’all in park
look at my shot, look at the arc
look at the crowd as soon as i start
look in they eyes and look in they hearts
two middle fingers straight at the law
sincerely yours, so pray to your lord
cause this is a war, ain’t talkin’ ’bout bullets and swords
ufos don’t make any noise
when they travel in hyper speed, so welcome aboard

[hook x2: b.o.b]

[outro: morgan freeman]
as the mask of deception falls off the face of humanity
unveiling the grim reality of duality
in which everyone is a casualty, no one will be exempt
truth has many shades
it’s not a matter of black and white, but gray
although many, we are one, so in the final -n-lysis
could it be that we are fighting a war that can’t be won?

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