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letra de 0s kill cool down (part two of imposter) - azaleabs336


getting on the ship today(yup)
just got my role so
let’s see what it
is(let’s see)
oh well look at that looks like
i’m an imposter today
oh sick the k!ll cool down is 0s
looks like it’s time to have some fun!

went into admin
and who do i see?
i see orange is having trouble
swiping his card
so i got ready to slice some neck
with my spike tongue
i creep up behind him



one crewmate down
four more to go baby
walk into the reactor room
and i see yellow doing samin says
so i took the knife out of my pocket

another crewmate down
tree crewmate down
oh so i thought
white walked in and
saw me with the dеad
body and reported!

everybody votе black out
he with the dead body
in the reactor room

i started to panic but then
i remembered the 0s cool down
so i k!lled the rest of the crew
but didn’t win

what’s going on?

that’s when i turned around
saw two crewmates left
(oh no)

(xxxglitchtrapxxx was the imposter)