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letra de night riders - ay huncho


(yeah yeah)
(60 gang put in work put in work)
(that drilla)
(young og)

[verse 1, hooks]
hooks one i’m a twisted one
try violate gang and i’m squeezing one
ever sat in a car no fear in your heart
backseat and i’m beaming one
give me the strap and i’ll air this c-nt
no leg shot bro i’m trying to dead this c-nt
my mum’s still ringing
i’m sorry mum but i was outside trying to airlift c-nts
and that’s just me on my sober
i told my bro leave the phones at home
all i need is a f-cking drop
all i need is a ride back home
leather gloves [?]
how many times did i make it home (leather gloves [?])

[chorus, ay huncho]
they hear ’bout opps on the news
but they still can’t prove cause all of these drillings
one opp two opp three opps
all of these bodies got addicted to k!lling
if they want war we can take it there but they won’t make it through the night
mum hold tight ima be back soon but i promise you can hold me tight
[verse 2, enzo]
no love for a gronk if he’s aiming at me
they’re not what they’re claiming to be
still the same crew but i don’t jump teams
for a dub and not kd
proper 60 south-west 25 that i’m charging
six seven driller
and i can’t forget that f-cking forty-six sergeant aye
trust me i see what they built for
blood and the money i’ll k!ll for
let that spill for reckless drill (aye)
for [?]

[chorus, hooligan skinny]
we riding through
don’t get it confused how many times got put on the news
we really outside got to much pride
me and hefs that’s one to slide
me and scotty always down to glide
ask around me biggs outside (six seven)
can’t waste shoot my opps on site
my opps don’t know they ain’t safe at night
my slide in the morning no breakfast bed no apple-tide
fill these until its tight
they say it again and i dubbed them twice
when i thought i had infrared
don’t worry i spray till they all dead
[verse 3, ay huncho]
and i’m ready for war
opps in the house and i’m breaking the door cause i’m looking for more
all of that talk that you work for the law
i’m not a artist but the pistol i draw
if i get the drop then the c-nts getting got
i’m doing smart i will never get caught
sixty till death and my bro’s lost the plot (sixty till death and my bro’s lost the plot)
send them like [?]
swinging my blade like a chef
aiming at you and your friends
brother who’s next
on the gram they flex
in real life they pests

[verse 4, enzo]
one day two hitters three shanks and i’m looking for five of these dogs
six in the clip one for each of these gronks
got a spare bullet just cause i’m on [?]
9 on 5 lad f-ck that send me the dogs (get me that paper)
i put him in dirt
feeling like ld cuz let’s lurk
someone shoulda told him to stay in the church
[verse 5, nasa nova]
he’s drilling on [?] till he got cheffed
no we don’t make noise no more
i put that boy on my sword
now went back home saying [?] to the lord
six-side we ride for the cause
don’t play no games get points to the board of course
[?] tell us ’bout war cause we be the ones applying the force
six must be said
yeah unless i’ll make an opp go dead
got that [?] in my apartment
i’ll keep swinging my arm till it comes back red
for the gang i rode and pledged
how many opps got filled with lead
there’s no point in wearing a vest
cause junzz and fred got done in the head (ha ha)

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