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letra de crimson horror - awaken the misogynist


bloodl-st dominants my thoughts everyday since you have been taken
the world has nothing to offer to me
ursidea buer
no more bloodline
revenge is the path for me

following the scent
to the village of depravity
time to even odds
blood is the only thing i am craving
with one slash the first falls
his head before his body
a roar is let out
signaling no escape
rushing in grasping people
their skin is that of silk
tearing limbs masks crying

adults have now perished
now only lay the young
do thеy deserve this?
i am not onе to judge

they shall rest with the others
as mine have met the same
the deal was written
no more blood to shed
i am the crimson horror

bl–dy downward spiral with no empathy
and nothing is of value
onward north following the river
heading to the great falls

nothing worth my dark struggle
as i will just end it all
building up speed to the great drop
freedom is in grip of me
as i leap into the abyss
fresh air, euphoria
endless adrenaline
ending almost instantly
when smashing into the rock below