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letra de swag like me - avias seay


i’m claiming my t-tle i’m styling so fresh
you girl really jocking and flashing her breast
no need to start rapping cause you know um the best
if you attempt to spit rhyme uma lay you to rest
i’m just that good i put the s in wag
i’m so fly n-gg- so n-gg- no blocking my swag
yo n-gg-z see the gangsta and they hating away
yo girl really like me so a n-gg- gone stay
to night in her crib and yes uma lay
i know you mad now i jus messed up ya day
my name is avias seay not avias say
dis aint a card game so n-gg- don’t play
i got my a k’s and some chrome chevy keys
tonight off to newyork then summer in belize
n-gg- please yo swag weak don’t be trying to prop
every outfit that you wear like a record that’s gone flop
i’m fly & wit da swagger so um soaring in the skys
yall n-gg-z don’t got money like the 4th of july
after listening to this song then my haters gonna cry
i’ll just swag versace jeans then i know they gonna die
money is the motive and it comes dear in my life
so you say you got the merchandise n-gg- what’s yo price
out sipping cool lattes on the beach living nice
yall n-gg-z scr-ping quarters up for a pot of rice

chorus: you can’t swag like me (16xs)

i’m claiming my t-tle cause my swag o so real
got on 14k chucks yes enough for 50 meals
you aint never seen n-body like me in the streets
and n-gg- if you broke then gone cause you cheap
i done heard some rap before but it’s nothing like this
away from your ordinary now you gladly been dismissed
if you need to borrow swag then i’ll gladly insist
i’ll add you num 500 on my waiting list
so now you want to thump d-mn you got a n-gg- p-ssed
aint no need to fight cause gucci on my wrist
s. w. a. g no faking with me
yall n-gg-z aint street till ya sold 50 keys
i’m out grabbin paper like honey to killer bees
yes it’s hotter rappers out but this sh-t um bout to sieze
bout to make n-gg-z scratch like a dog with fleas
you need a whole army to knock me off the scene
and if you call yo boyz to the chevy i’m gone beam
cause goons in the trunk and they loaded all threes
if you f-cking wit ya boy then you aint f-cking free
my swag got the b-tches coming left and right
if you f-cking with me let a girl spend the night
usher you was d-mn right we about to take flight
introduce a new weed with that a new high
these n-gg-z layed back and living late that’s why

chorus: you can’t swag like me (16xs)