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letra de argument obscura - averse sefira


what are we fighting?
where from springs conflict
with no enemy of concern?
what boon from
constant strife?
all for naught this railing
against folly

dogmas of the quiet past
can no longer charge our cause
it is what sets us against,
forges strangers
out of comrades

once free with no limits
existing for the sake
now constricted in limpid fury
blinded by songs already sung

enmity lies not in the fixed
stares of the ungathered dead,
mined by feasting carrion

those wretched tethered souls
clutch tenuous threads
of the past in rigored hands

embers of lore
the promise of stars gone cold
p-ssages marked by burns
on the pages of meme’s tomes

if your deaths
be the price of resolution
then it is a fee worth paying