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letra de dreaming moonspark fairylands - autumnblaze


far away from mankind’s woe
my dreaming fairyland does glow
a moonspark did arrive from there
proclaiming me eternal glare
doomhorses woven solitude
pale flash of grieving roses nude
all pain shall force mine wounds to bleed
i am the dreamer bold indeed
l-stful mind and armoured shame
moonlit throne nocturnal flame
grinning witches mistress haze
october’s velvet autumnblaze
oh i yearn for restless love
bronze horizons dressed in robes of fall
kiss my limbs enn-bled dove
entering warm emerald halls
oh i wish you may find the trail
where angels ride on stallions brave
thou shall smile thou dare not wail
i’ll be your guard farewell doomwave
my dreaming moonspark fairyland
the flaming swarm is dawning beyond the earthly shrine
ignoring mortal lifecodes
look crimson nightfall’s marble face
come dance with me
your bridal cloak reveals a n-ble graceful heart
don’t sleep alone
bold fairylady
on feathered wings we meet again as cosmic darts
i’ll dance with you
in goldseed ages
my bridal cloak reveals a n-ble graceful heart
but in this times
of raging winter
i hide my crown and sleep in everlasting fear
my dreaming moonspark fairyland…
sternenh-lle marmornacht
funkelnd roter morgentau
jener stille sehne ich
wenn ich deine augen schau’
nebel hüllt der bäume kronen
ein in tiefe sinnlichkeit
wehleid weckt die walddämonen
geisterwesen ohne zeit
a sword into the demonwh-r-‘s welkin womb, a crown for us to rise!