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letra de fair warning - autumn trauma


back to the 80s
aye aye yea autumn trauma
(verse 1)
aye watch these n-ggas swere l may to f-ck her
where she don’t everytime i need my semis (what) everytime she don’t’ she don’t eat every crab l gets these money twerking like a smoking on a crab l eatin cookie crisp now and she don’t want some l got my 40s semi and she pull my glock out timeout with my glock now n0body can’t not stop me l be shooting all thesе games now n0body can’t not stop like a metro gang on thе block for that 4 30 catch a opp for the leme we will catch a whole 30 and these boys always have to brother me l been jumping off the roof like a motherf-cker monster these hoes want to be with me everytime we go and me and lil jojo are still on the block with the f-ckin boys when me tryin these boys on our d-ck when we trying run
like a mother gang
(more coming up)