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letra de hickeys around my neck - audio two


i, always hated hickeys all around my neck
but it was feelin pretty good so what, the heck
the hickey went on, and i went home
i tried to brush it off then i used a comb
the comb didn’t work it got bigger, and redder
giz said, “yo milk man you shouldn’ta let her”
but i did giz, and now i gotta get it off
i tried lotion but it just got soft
the hours went on, and on, and on
man – i wish the hickey was gone
but it wasn’t, and, my girl was comin over
i needed a plan, to try to get over
so i called king of chill i said, “what’s up man?
got a hickey on my neck, i need a plan”
he said, “yo milk why don’t you bust a turtleneck?”
i said that’s wack but what, the heck
i ran to my room but i couldn’t find one
then like star trek, _the search_ begun
i ran through my house from the bottom to the top
i got a bright idea, i’ll ask pop
i ran to dad, i said, “what’s up d?
i need a turtleneck, to cover this hickey”
he said, “oh son that just won’t work;
you’ll feel real hot and you’ll look like a jerk”
i said, “okay – then what’s your advice?”
he said, “go into the freezer, and get a piece of ice”
i said a piece of ice, to put on my neck?
it sounds real cold but what, the heck
i went into the freezer, and did what he said
i hope it would ‘ork, or else i’d be dead
i put the ice on and i waited, and waited
the hickey was gone – it faded, it faded
the time was then for my girl to appear
at the count of three, what did i hear?

one. {-scratch-. two {-scratch- three

it was the bell, as you can tell
as i opened the door, my eyes did swell
as i, saw somethin i thought i never would see
my girl chillin there with a great big hickey
i punched her in the mouth her lip i did wreck
that’s how i felt so what, the heck?
what, the heck?

(-dub instrumental of entire song repeats, minus milk vocals-)