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letra de 04 : 00 am - aubreyszn


04 : 00
20 missed calls please
pick the phone up yo
i hate her and i love her
its a funny twist tho
only hit her once but
i’m still craving more
they warned me she’s a
drug but i took an
skr-skrr as i , i pull up
word on the streets
says i’m that nigga
she be on her knees
like she prayingʼ
but i ainʼt gonna c-m so
she waitingʼ
yeah stressed as i am
coz donʼt wanna go to
its heat when iʼm in the
studio got me feelingʼ
like a chef
plus i eat these beats
like there’re fries nigga
thatʼs the honest truth
i’ve never lied nigga
iʼm suited for this shit i
need a tie nigga
manʼs iʼm always lit
switch off the lights
yeah , straight to your
the truthʼs never sweat
but i like the taste
i need my money fast
you a snail nigga
i quit a 9-5 iʼm not a
slave nigga
yeah me and sky take
your new girls and make
them your exʼies
know they always
wanna roll with us
cause thatʼs where the
fun is
took out the first time
thereʼs no need for a
round 3
iʼm a star in the making
you can tell from the
way iʼm shining
just like nike i just do
it , thereʼs no need for a
round 3
you never study so
donʼt test me
your new girl is my last
donʼt get it confused
boy i never needed help
i ainʼt time for those
games just work
and i donʼt play

sky lumumba young
but itʼs getting scary
presidency in my
so my pocketʼs home
for the dead buried
friends start getting
everything girl starts
kiss and telling
itʼs a proper gwan
when i see em
awkward moment
cough out my lungs
i get a ting and vaminoz
she wants a ring i donʼt
call it though
the love of your life
whachu you call it
she in love with the life i
offer though
not personal itʼs
business i donʼt pay for
it though
i mean yeah she got a
mean but iʼm a favourite
true religion jeans i
used to pray for this
back at school, uniform
out in haefelis store
that was the come up
fast forward
to the mnangagwa era
man aubrey hitting
women while they
missing theyʼre
without a question
the most important
thing in mathematics is
count your blessings
record label wanna
step in without a prior
when you tryna
address them
they focus on how you
dressing and miss the
entire lesson
they want you to be
malumeʼ but they
signed you doing you
once they find you an
image , whatʼs inside
you is what you lose
iʼm going viral with the
my life a movie ,like the
bible iʼm in the truth
homicidal in the booth
jealous down , she
wanna to leave with but
sheʼs just met a snail
see the moves iʼm
making now she wants
me to settle down
bad ting from msu
doing a post grad
i let her lick on camera
now she wanna post
iʼm the mail man i
always deliver
got put my stamp on it
and let you know iʼm
that nigga