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sex, drugs & violence - attila


“s-x, drugs & violence”

i said i never gave a f-ck. i’ll be the first one to let you know again.
things will never change unless this world comes to an end.
i’m sick and twisted and you’re the one to blame.
s-x drugs and violence go hand in hand with fame.
so who wants to be my next victim today? here goes nothing.
i’m out for the kill. for the kill.
another day another dollar sigh. so who’s next in line? raise your hand.
if were already in h-ll who cares? were all eternally f-cked.
and if you never gave a f-ck. i need to hear you scream these words until the end.
i am a villain oh yeah. we are all a part of the same big picture.
there is strength in number and if we all stick together we can take over the world we are
the missing pieces and were the only ones who can determine our fate.
jump. everybody doubted me i never gave a f-ck.
another day another dollar i never relied on luck.
and when the day is finally here and everything is said and done.
i’ll put my middle fingers up cause i proved everybody wrong. we bring the motherf-cking heat.
yeah! we bring the motherf-cking heat. don’t be alarmed we wont be long.
its okay. this wont hurt. sit back and smile with me s-x drugs and violence baby s-x drugs and violence!



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