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letra de let's start the party - attila


“let’s start the party”

let’s start the party.
i’m tired of f-cking around!
leave your drama at the door, step up or step out!
and when we get things rollin’, we’ll be rollin’ till the break of dawn!

tonight’s the night, so throw your hands in the air and f-cking bounce.

hey, girl, i’m lookin’ for a good time.
oh sh-t, this is how mistakes are made!
what now?
we’ve gone too far to take it back.
oh f-ck, i hope you don’t keep bothering me.

embrace the feeling that overcomes us all.
yeah, i’m not about to preach to your virgin ears.
god d-mn, livin’ the fast life.

yeah, that’s what’s up!
now that i’ve had some time to think,
i know what’s best for me and you.
you’re nothing but a one night stand,
and we can talk in f-cking h-ll!

smoke a blunt!
this party’s overboard,
and all these wh-r-s are f-cking sick.
i’m cringing in disgust,
i need more substance.

na na na na na na
smoke a blunt!
what the f-ck ever happened to having fun?
you playas take this sh-t so seriously.
one night stand, f-ck this plan.