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letra de fallacy - attila


you can have values and beliefs
without selling your soul to a religion
we’re not here to force an opinion
sometimes you just need to open your eyes
drop your weapons-indirectly kill us all
you have caused corruption and we shall cause your fall
so many time, we’ve been looked down upon
in this “one nation under god”
what the f-ck?!?!?!?!
cut their throats
with their blood we fill these moats
sharks feeding on flesh
of those who won’t accept-these differences
this is life- not yours- but mine
it’s with these differences, we are defined
i’ve crossed the line!
cross it with me
my love is divine!
emulate me
why reverse progress?
in this country
lets take a stand!
what has happened to these people?
living life with no incentive
shredded guts and diced intestines
they did it all with good intention
now its time to get your revenge!

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