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letra de shotgun - atmosphere



you motherf-ckers ain’t on my shelf
i should jump back and try to french kiss myself
the boy fell in the well and lived to tell
put my voice in the mix, make the winter melt
i’m the best thing since a fresh loaf of sliced bread
sitting on the bed between a pair of nice legs
i’m s-x, white flag, ice bag, wipe rag
i’m twice the mess but a fraction of the price tag
back stage in a rat cage
but when i bend these bars, everybody get to gas face
they said it was dead, in that case
i’ma get revenge, i’ma make rap pay
now run and tell the sun i’m turning up the light
i might arrive on the plane, train, bus or bike
you can fuss and fight, but it’s just despite
cause it functions right when i cup this mic
no feedback, ease back, let the beat crack
but uncle sam said he wanna see tax
make the beeswax, no relax
run around the map and leave tracks
you can call me sean like nothing’s wrong
i’m the early dawn, i’m the dirty b-m
my thoughts get drawn on a jumbotron
if your jaw don’t drop you can hum along, come on!

[chorus: 2x]
shotgun, the raw one
we the hot sauce on y’alls tongue
we don’t stop till it’s all done
so turn it up till the cops come

you get lost in how awesome i is
you watching like you bought stock in my biz
you caught that sickness sitting on sh-t
you’d be better off frying up some littler fish
i’m a big catch, whoo! sweet jesus
walk on the trash, keep clean as a fetus
rip the beef into child size pieces
you talk cheap, now you need to get your teeth fixed
i don’t recognize you or your toy crew
go ahead, step aside now, let my noise through
grew and spread like kudzu
didn’t need a gun to put a +slug+ in your guts
move over chauffeur, i roll the coaster
i got older and badder and bolder
who’s the host with the monster?
birds fly to minnesota just to land on my shoulders
no pressure, it don’t get desperate
no special effects, just sweat and spit
so fresh, still make it seem effortless
breath smell like breast milk and peppermint
got put on a permanent good foot
huh, got more flavor than a cookbook
so take a look at what you couldn’t have took
if i forgot anything, we’ll just put it on the hook, c’mon

[chorus: 2x]

you ain’t gon’ be sh-t
i’m the best kept secret
anyone can see it
if i say it loud enough, maybe you’ll believe it


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