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letra de myself - ataris


i have always been different i like to be,
but every time they got something to say to me.
one day i had to be, i made a different me,
but got trouble next day i went school, you see.
two big fellows, which don’t much about like in me,
put me in to the games where i don’t wanna be.
in other words no one don’t like me there.
sometimes i really care, i can’t be myself.
then one day i didn’t meet the chosen one,
i took a gun, party’s just begun.
inside of me there still lives a part of me,
it put me back to the earth, where i belong to be.
i get along well with this feeling in my mind,
if i should say something, i would say nothing
’cause i’ll kiss my only friend what i’ve got, ever had
but still i can’t .i can’t be myself.

i’m gonna the way i wanna be,
n-body wanna talk with me, no.
do i have to be or let my feelings free?
take a look at me, the way i wanna be.
i made decisions right, my feelings came from inside,
i took a drug ride, i felt part of me died.
my life turned from that good to that very bad,
there were only me, my pipe and those drugs i had.
one day i just will be, i’m gonna be real me,
i think i cannot be, i can’t be myself!