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letra de my hotel year - ataris


i saw the stars fall from the sky
and watched the tail lights fade away
as the sun began to witness a new day.

i drove five hundred thousand miles
to find a world unlike my own,
and now middle of nowhere seems like my home.

alone, unknown… yet fearing nothing but ourselves
could be scarier than any crowded room.
i’m more alone with you than when i’m by myself.

another night stuck on the vine,
another low lit memory
where time will slowly have it’s way with me.

we live our lives to expect the worst
but once it happens what is left?
we will never have to be surprised again.

just you and me not saying much of anything
sometimes could mean more than a thousand words
goodbye, farewell to this f-cked up world that was my former self.

we never seem to have the time until we waste it
all gone, goodbye…
think and think alike, never seemed to have the time
until one day it’s all gone, you’ve thrown it all away.

i’m glad you were a part of my hotel year.

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