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letra de as we speak - ataris


it’s good to meet
someone with a future as f-cked up as mine.
so, i’m unpredictable,
is this some f-cking sign of the times?
i take pride
in what i do, and i do it well.
call me easy-going
but at least i have a finished story to tell.
cause tomorrow i just might be
another face on your t.v.
being arrested for telephone fraud
or beating someone to death with my guitar!
but i know i will go far, i know i will go…

far enough to tell you that i love you
but i know i’m stupid
just because i run right back to you.
i got your letters yesterday
but i don’t have a thing to say,
so i’ll nail ’em to my wall
and just pretend they’ll go away!

i don’t wanna love you,
but it’s something that i love to do.
so i’ll say this one last thing and then i’m…
gone away for good…
was i misunderstood?
i guess that it’s too late to save you now!

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