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letra de naked hands - astarte


wondering hands, the trees!
the naked stones of grey beauty,
gathered to kiss the ground’s hunger.
extatic hate upon man’s reply.
the war against human instinct.
i summon the dirty blood of what we are covered.

still i watch the sky
i see within a cry.
for what we fear!
for the why we leave!

naked hands, the forgotten trees.
stare as i paint the last eagle.
the symbol of life
the black sign of the sky.
a last leaf of a tree,
the only breath left.

questions have been made to give no answers
on the hill i gaze the fortress
made by nature’s hands.

it stares useless for the weak ones,
but precious for those who know the way.

still! i watch the sky,
i see without wanting to cry.
for what we still believe,
for the reason we live