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letra de incoming death - asphyx


lethal contagious virus
transmittable bacteria
the pandemic panic

become m-ss hysteria
overcrowded hospitals
scientists research in vain
constantly mutating plague
countless swollen remains

incoming death
rapid it shreds
incoming death
mankind under threat!

extraterrestrials arrive
enormous fleet
no point in negotiating
all they want is meat
commencing the bombardement
these b-st-rds play it rough
transporting cadavers
to their ships above

incoming death
alien jets
incoming death
they need to be fed!

lurid sounds on burial grounds
rising from the grave
swarming out over the earth
slaughtering in waves
stumbling, rotten corpses
feasting on human flesh
the undead butchering all
those who are still fresh

incoming death
they rip and they shred
incoming death
zombies ahead!