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bwb (freestyle) - asian doll


a story of my two crazy dolls
all they wanna do is get money p-ssy foreign
they mean as f-ck
even k!lled a couple b-tches
don’t tell on each other they done gave some b-tches st-tches
lil cuban she a beast, she’ll slap a b-tch for me
you f-cking talking wrong put this thirty on your teeth
real n-gg-s trapping, they would whip a bird for free
call my phone i don’t answer cause the money all i see
if you wanna beef with me, i’ma need a hundred bands
b-tch you better be flyer then motherf-cking j-pan
b-tch you better be an astronaut, n-gg-s they is f-cking not’s
asian doll that b-tch, i am sad, all my homies dead
i don’t give a f-ck about a b-tch, it’s been f-ck the rest
on that gang sh-t, six, i been born b-tch
you ain’t never flipped sh-t, what you want a f-cking feature
they steady dissing me but these b-tches on a bleachers
what the f-ck? huh? some motherf-cking gum
lil cuban get the motherf-cking hundred round drum
yeah i’m free styling, these b-tches they be wilding
they want my f-cking life, but they ain’t got no f-cking styling
yeah you stay with your mama
yeah with your little diploma
yeah b-tch i dropped out got some motherf-cking bands
i’m the motherf-cking man, but you know i’m a girl
i ain’t never been a cheerleader, i ain’t go to juice
skip that motherf-cking cl-ss, with my new louis bag
i was so d-mn high, know these b-tches they be sad
but i’m hood rich, got that money out that f-cking rap, you can’t even trap
girl you ain’t even got no bank account

i be flexing reckless, asian doll; i’m happy, n-gg-s wanna stress me
n-gg- you can’t even get a answer, i been so busy rocking shows
n-gg-s know they hoes, n-gg-s know they dogs
asian doll, b-tch i get that money i be f-cking exhausted
running round the lobby like a motherf-cking kid
i am not a normal b-tch, these b-tches is my kids
and i been pregnant ever since like when?
n-gg- what you talking bout, i been threw them b-tches in the trash can
this some detroit n-gg-s k!llers on that murder sh-t
tie your momma up, call your brother like we did it b-tch
we don’t give a f-ck, always been tough
never been a lame, i don’t even gotta pretend cause i’m insane
check my resume, check my background
n-gg-s talking like they from the hood, what you acting like you new now?
b-tch i ride through, and i cruise now
with no new b-tches, all my b-tches on that cute sh-t
boo b-tch!
what you looking at?
what, you wanna die?
then i flex, on lil’ cuban go and get that motherf-cking tech b-tch