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letra de 36 - ashleyoj


they say i’m crazy coz i dance a lot​
they say i’m always crazy coz i got a dream ​
ain’t no hard time believing it ​
i ain’t quitting till i’m 36​
not 35 34 37 or 38 ​
ima keep it stable their ain’t no debate​
i ain’t quitting till i’m 36​

[mister green verse]

[ash verse]
albums back to back yeah i do that uh!​
see me blowing up ​
acting like u never knew that​
people be like who dat – ​
boy lemme prove that ​
i got plenty of talent ​

shouting out to igor coz he turned me to a new man​
lemme get a new plan​
working at university so i can afford to do that ​
i be tip tip tip tip toeing in my.. ash toes ​
i gotta dream better make a quick​
i ain’t quitting till i’m 36​
36 36 36 secs i’ll get it in wait​
wanna get more vocal like i’m justin timberlake ​
catch me outside ​

i gotta get it right quick quick quick suck on this (what)​

i hop on da table coz i got no manners​
on a wheelchair i’m still climbing ladders ​
n0body can stop me got the the best of both worlds like i’m hannah montana​
got the big strong and green call him dr bruce banner​
keeping it humble never forget my roots, ​
invest in myself right through the santana​