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letra de morning do - asher roth


[asher roth]
thats what my body’s telling me
in the morning
my hormones are just everywhere
in the a.m.
i like to call it morning do
its morning do

[don cannon]
lets go

[asher roth – verse 1]
in the a.m? girl i’d be getting
no sh-t my d-ck be hard as a brick
girl i ain’t kiddin’ ill really be feelin’ it
might just stick it between your legs
i like my -ss sunny side up
i like my -ss sun is risin’
on top real fast she’d be ridin’
burnin’ house down like im andre rison

h-ll yeah, ill suck on t-tties
wrap my arms round her cuz she’s skinny
come on baby, lets get busy
you know how many want to hit me?
there’s so many, good and plenty
chew them up and eat them every morning
it’s my favorite to have s-x morning do

i like to walk around naked (naked)
while my girl cook breakfast (breakfast)
she’s making eggs and bacon (bacon)
i got the recipe, did you want me and me on you
its 8 a.m. with no phones on, your so d-mn cute (your so d-mn cute)
i kiss your neck you rub your thighs
i’ll feed you through (i’ll feed you through)
we s-xin’ in the morning
its the morning do (morning do)
its morning

[verse 2]
i’m playin’ in bed
and dreaming about boxin’
that’s when i start to feel a hand on my c-ck
she whispers in my ear “ash i feel hot, i know it’s kinda early can i climb on top?”
h-ll yeah, i would like that a lot
let’s try a new position, let’s h-t the g spot,
she groanin’ and she moanin’ and screamin’ dont stop!
she leans and tries to kiss me i’ll say “sh-t your breathes hot.”
so kissin’s out the question, but you know that hands hot
i’ll sunk your tires stammin’ i’m overhand now
i overhand slap that booty
watch you wiggle watch it jiggle,
watch she stop what she doin’ just to giggle
blow the whistle, (whistle blows) and the regulation
overtime starts, after eggs and bacon

[chorus x1]