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letra de arthur (theme from) (demo) - arthur


saw the man with the camera hand
between the moon and new york
waitin through the trash left by the broker stand
we held our breath as best we could

we shared our minds with our heroes then
and wondered if we should
dried up squids and different herbs
we left and walked by all the lights

i wanna get back home and lay down
a raccoon in my wall made sound
who feel like a hero then
me and all of my dear friends

smoke filled all the apartments
and every record found is scratched
but will be listened to in darkness
but you could grow so tired of that

and all the dreams restored no longer smashed
and hope sometimes that’s doubt to that
all the words spoke were meant that
my hands grew long and black

i wanna get back home and lay down
with the folks who understand have to give frowns
and now right now, i won’t be there now
“it’s all okay”, i say it to myself