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letra de 0 to 100/ the catch up cover - armani


my flow’s like dysentary , when it starts the sh-t don’t stop
they flow miralax cause really that sh-t so soft
all sh-t aside armani’s got this sh-t on lock
when i’m around the smoke alarms probably about to go off
terio, i ooh , k!ll em with the word play
n-gga i got more bars than a bird cage
no i got more bars than an apothecary
lowkey im a legend , no i’m a boss like larry
bird n-gga
f-ck what you heard n-gga
im about to be gettin mine and gettin yours n-gga
its cool if you got that heat cause we them spurs n-gga
sh-t life been movin in a blur n-gga , so i’m on that zero to a hundred
dope like a poppy seed
no mobb deep , i’m a prodigy
my team mobb deep like a soccer team
my fanbase is gon go ham for a n-gga
like the fanbase of a world cup soccer team
i just want a lot of green like a soccer field
so i can start kickin back like a soccer reel
but on the real f-ck a soccer reel
reel in that green like im phishing with a ph
drinkin aquahydrate, pay attention to my ph
real n-ggas “f” wit me like the sound from the “ph”
all you n-ggas basic , need to take down your ph
im a god too like its my birth that they predate
i’ll vanquish these n-ggas in an aston martin v8
diesel in my system like an aston martin v8
a&rs contact armani
i bet i help em see straight
boy i got the juice now like im grippin on a v8
oh lord
i said “f-ck it, i gotta go for it”
so n0body even had to tell me “go forest”
she gon roll the weed up for a n-gga
then i’mma blow trees down until there is no forest
i just k!ll beats, no chorus
i gotta k!ll my compet-tion
haters gon multiply as i get closer to da vision
im a shark in a tank but still givin b-tches the business
i wanna be mark with the bank
its not enough to me if i can comprehend the digits
no pork , i just want that cuban dough
i’m not 7’1 i have no problem shootin though
that’s just somethin that i felt like you should know
all i do is chief you’d think i was from kansas city
not too many artists can hit the canvas wit me
im already cold but ill be cooler when my fans is wit me
im goin on a warped tour soon as the bands is wit me
bread maker label soon as the pán is wit me
oh what you n-ggas thought , my spanish empty?
yo recuerdo un pocquito
rob n-ggas lowkey , like de niro in casino
rothstein , but never give that b-tch the key though
everything in the safe house belong to me ho
she was actin way shy up until the d rose
i’m about to get paper as long as the trees grow
so f-ck bein on some 9 to 5 sh-t
i’m on some not enough to be alive sh-t
that need several million to survive sh-t
cause i know myself know my worth n-gga
she said i take that p-ssy to the church n-gga
i should get a milli for this verse n-gga
i’m waiting for them funds to disburse n-gga

the catch up
okay, so i have to win
this rap sh-t im a savage in
i’m sick and that’s no pathogens
my whole squad on that real sh-t
thats real sh-t
and like a problem child, i’m nothin you wanna deal with
i’m cold to the point that i don’t feel sh-t
i guess that’s just like life to do
i guess that’s why i’m writin too
wonderin what this mic could do
i been waitin for that moment
for that phone call like im on call
pick it up and hear “yeah, bucket, you gon ball”
i’m in the house like corey
compet-tion started to bore me and they fans fiction , true story
you have to understand that it’s armani versus faded glory
yeah , this is the catch up
frontin on me , back up
like a car with a flat , anybody could get jacked up
left dead on the side of the road
or towed off
and i just like to show off
so when it’s show time i’m just gonna show a cold watch
get it , show time ?
i watched the top for so long , i should get there in no time
i’m comin for everybodys neck so hang it up, clotheslines
i know i’ll blow up , if only cause i’m a gold mine
the only question is where am i gon sign
most lack confidence and to me that’s common sense
i picked the pen back up , haven’t thought i was common since
n-ggas took a loss, haven’t been honest since
n-ggas fell off , i’m the man been on it since
but even the sixth man makes millions off the bench
so like the 6 man i get it poppin off the rip
but believe me , this sh-t is easy
i’m well suited for it like i’m in a 3 piece
we just talkin bout practice
i’d talk about the game but i’d quickly run out of rappers
better business for my bureau
talkin bread and bad b-tches
angry grill on the ben’s
i’m talkin mad rich sh-t
how i got it on lock
all i got is bars
you missed the ben’s line if you thought i was talkin cars
they don’t really say too much like some dummies n-gga
ventriloquist, nothin talks but the money n-gga
conversing with the franklins in some chucks and f-ck breaking ankles
cause i’m tryna break the bank b-tch
i used to turn up at my old school , and that’s no frank the tank sh-t
i’m just tryna break the bank b-tch