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letra de from above - armando young


sunny smiles wax into the twilight
nicely played, a quiet “tea for two”
all for you
the buy and sell, i know it well
from above

only if i had something to point to
not just something seen from afar
the name in star
it seems to me, then i could be
from above

oh, now and then i play the game
one where everybody looks the same
stranded in the living room
wonder who could ever state it plain to me

do or die, or so you say
oh, but will that be the price you pay
know the word but who would pray for me

i heard up thеre that you can see for miles
gazing out the sidе of your balloon
be there soon
throw me the rope, and a little hope
from above
i know they say that nothing ever changes
but i just wanna be your elbow rub
in the club
i’ll keep you close, with a healthy dose
from above

tending to a lovely patch of garden
never happy till you bought the farm
safe from harm
we’ll watch it all, before the fall
from above

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