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letra de 2 good 4 u :) - arloo


b-tches all they f-cking do is drugs
lazy, in their beds doin’ nun
b-tch i’m ’boutta stunt
on that girl who wants my love
she got it all done
she play with my heart
she do it just for fun

but that’s okay
b-tch it’s ’boutta be a good day
run up on the people talkin sh-t
like they gon play?
no they ain’t
hoe i ain’t no saint
i could be if you want
but you act like you fake
b-tch i made a mistake
thinkin’ u was the one
got hoes on my line
but i couldn’t do none
’cause wanted you and everything
you wanted back, you say you didn’t mean it
but you told me i was sumn
you told me i was stupid
a fat piece of sh-t
you called me cute last second
b-tch you actin’ and sh-t
you claim that i am toxic
but it’s all in your flip
thе way you move and act
i can hear it in chit
chitter chattеr
blood gon’ spatter
if you f-ckin’ move
walk into the function
b-tch i’m fat i need some food
give me all your sh-t
all the money and the weed
smoked up all her sh-t
i can’t even see