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letra de borderlands - archie fisher & garnet rogers


[verse 1]
from the moorlands in the meadows
to the city of the shadows
where i wander old and lonely
comes a call i understand
in clear soft notes enthralling
it is calling, ever calling
’tis the spirit of the open
from the dear old borderland

[verse 2]
for this grim huge city daunts me
it’s wail of sorrow haunts me
a nameless figure tossed amidst
the human serf that beats
forever and forever in a frenzy of endeavor
all along the cruel barriers
of its never ending streets

[verse 3]
but i’ll leave it in the morning
slip away without a warning
save a handclasp from the friend
that knows the call that leads me on
in the city’s clang and clatter
one old man the less won’t matter
and no one here will say my name
or care that i am gone
[verse 4]
by caddonfoot i’ll linger
it has charms to stay the singer
and from the bridge a painter’s dream
of beauty there i’ll see
but i’ll leave it all behind me
when the purple evening shadows find me
past the vines of clovenfords
to haunted torwoodlee

[verse 5]
fair dryburough and melrose
touched by the wizard’s spell arose
and bemerside and leaderfoot
elwyn’s fairy dene
with the tweed serenely gliding
clearly seen and shyly hiding
where eildons raise their triple crest
to sentinel the scene

[verse 6]
but alas the dream is over
i awake now to discover
the city’s rush, the bustling crowds
and the din on every hand
but my ears a-softly falling
i can hear the curlews calling
and i know that soon i’ll see them
in the dear old borderland

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