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letra de packs of three - arab strap


it was the biggest ever c-ck you? d ever seen
but you? ve no idea where that c-ck has been
you said you were careful you never were with me
i heard you did it four times and jonnies
come in packs of three

she was the best sh-g i? d ever had
that doesn? t mean i? m saying, bed wise, you were bad
i think you were working, we got a hotel
we didn? t have anything but i thought i might as well

i never told the rest
i was drunk and i told you
i was thinking about a test
you know i just said it for effect
then you laughed and said i? d f-ck
anything in a skirt once i? m erect

and she? s a famous harlot in this town
i know enough to, but still i couldn? t turn her down
he said i? m an -sshole, what was i thinking?
it? s far too easy to blame it on the drinking

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