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letra de anonymous citizens - appetite


deep, deep, deep. alcohol, simple green, will never make the kitchen clean. flying cars, time machines, don’t ever function properly. you refuse to believe in your history, but the cigarettes are burning your jeans. my engine’s running out of steam. where do you come from? who do you run from? what do you care for? you turn purple cuz you’re too careful. you’re eyes keep up the stare, all too precious, too surprised to cut your hair, to be embarrassed, tearing apart your clothes, completely original, cuz they look better with gaping holes, to be hypocritical. you refuse to believe in the frightening scenes so i stutter to talk cuz i think you’re making fun of me. one two three four five anonymous citizens intelligent denizens survive. five six seven eight nine more musicians and art wh0res forget they’re alive. cuz they struggle to hate something nice

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