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letra de 2020 freestyle - aol


[intro: aol]
you’ve got mail!

[verse 1: aol]
.45 got the big c-ck like mike matei
tell the pastor give his ass communion, it’s his final day
pull up on his block, big c-ck make him hibernate
roll the windows down, air it out then i drive away
i’m the sh-t, man, i should have my own d-mn parade
ten twinks with chains, and tiaras in my motorcade
dialup the posse, make sure that they overpaid
you are not a f-cking punk, p-ssy you are poser-made

[verse 2: aol]
main dude smoking sticky like a semtex
blocking dms from methheads that like chems-x
sade tape stay stuck in my cassette deck
twinks at uw want my package like a fedex
if you tryna buy a beat, i do not accept cheques
send that sh-t direct, b-tch, my money all on venmo
my homie off some sh-t, he move backwards like memento
i’m the hardest f-cker out, did you get the memo?

[verse 3: aol]
dipsh-t, drop slurs, catch a spinkick
i’m just writing verses while i send your b-tch a fit pic
and i don’t mean to nitpick
but all your flows stiff and your bars arthritic
i’m with your man in the back bumping wakesleep
tinder boomin’, all these college twinks tryna date me
but i’m taken, rap game liam neeson
flows filthy as sin, send for the preacher

[verse 4: aol]
gloria deo, keep my love for the closest
your sh-t needs a script doctor, here’s the diagnosis:
b-tch-ass edgelords, better get your rhymes up
your days been numbered, little man: time’s up
one day we gon’ be on the billboard
h-llo, we’re dialup and we’d like to thank discord
we’d like to thank the p-ss-poor rappers in our area
one more step and we bury ya