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letra de start - ​​antdesu


part 1
i was never hated
i was always pushed down, broken and mistaken
i don’t even realize sometimes i be faded
and i ain’t even realize the moment that i made it
and i already said it, that i know i can’t go back
you’re sitting on your bed and you listen to my old trash
and you never got why i had to leave and go fast
but i ain’t never thought what i was gon’ say to you last
i’m tryna, i’m tryna make me some ways and go fulfill all my passion
i had a girl tell me i was too ugly for fashion
and now everywhere i go, i see cameras flashing

[verse 1]
i was the ref, and
you were the player
i said it in my head that
i’d never hate her
i got a head start, baby, you were just a faker
gotta tell my friends that i never even date her
i said i see your pics and i said i keep on scrolling
your boyfriend is my personality stolen
people see me and my promising that i still golden
genetics passed down, i never asked to be chosen
part 2
i never said that i
i never said that i
i never said that i

[verse 2]
i never said i was satisfied with all the things i’ve gotten
picking up these numbers like my ancestors picked cotton
i laugh at the fact that you thought i was forgotten
i’m running up the music scene while you just stay trotting
never said that i was gon’ back down for a minute
did you forget when i was gone, i had a mission
you listen, cause i ain’t listening to what you bringing
five missed calls from my haters it keep

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