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letra de problematic - ​​antdesu


part 1
i know i wasn’t worth your time
but shouldn’t i be worth it if you were mine

[verse 1]
you ain’t want a boyfriend and i said that’s fine
you just want a friend and i crossed the line
every single person that i had test my patience
every single man got mad that i made it
every single woman around me tryna taste it
i got every problem in a book and i can’t face it
every single effort i put in looks and then my makeup
tryna take me down and never say why they hate us
taught them what they know and now they sayin’ that thеy made us
i started what you doin’ and no wonder you not famous
n0body likе a copy, don’t n0body like a mannequin
you copying what i’m doin’ is just show that i’m the better man
if you can’t say it to my face, it show that you a coward then
i don’t need the drama, i see the storm comin’ like a weatherman
you said you gonna pull up to my state, i guess you never went
compare my popularity to yours and you’re irrelevant
i said you’re problematic cause you keep tryin’ to blame me
i don’t know why you yappin ’cause you not messin’ with the same me
i don’t know why you cappin ’cause you failing tryna frame me
if i’m not living to your expectations, why don’t you
part 2
[verse 1]
haters, they take what i do and run with it
act like i was rich when i rode the back of a broke civic
never had enough so i did it until i hit my pivot
i just wanna go until i can finally say i did it
sometimes i hate life but i’m still alive and i’m poppin
i’m goin’ up on social media, and i’m sorry for leavin’ ya
had to do what it took even if it meant actin’ like i needed ya
first day, already talkin’ about me in the past tense
doesn’t even make sense but i guess it’s the first step
i guess it depends on the perspect
i can’t argue with you all day without breakin’ a sweat
i already had a man try it
you tellin’ me that cap you thinkin’ i’ma buy it
my instagram is public so that you can spy it
i wanna see your face seein’ my stats flyin
i’m tryin’ and i keep dyin’ inside from you
i’m lyin’ when i say by mistake that i love you
and go ahead and try to take my heart and i’ma punch you
and go ahead and try to race me then i’ma dust you
ain’t n0body, not even me, is even scared
know you missed the touch of me pullin’ up on your hair
i’ma make sure you go through problems that you can’t even bear
i’ma make sure you feel the pain that i felt to make it fair
i’m a punched up version of your boyfriend that you hated
tryna make me him and compare, ain’t ever gon’ make it
face it, i ain’t gon’ be him or like you
i’m in the making, you thinkin’ i’m the man to fight you
ain’t nothin’ more about it
i got disorders and mental issues but you like to see how i sprouted
i feel the greatest and i don’t even shout it
i only focus on myself and i don’t need n0body proudin
i got men who wanna be like me or like me
or wanna fight me or spite me
despite me, i might be
a wannaboy, bad boy, criminal, who wanna be feisty

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