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letra de trance ii: relics - anomalie


the sounds of whispers in the wind reclaim their long gone reign
the songs of spirits in the air return to life
i close my eyes to see the unseen, see the realms they hide
i have learned that silence bears the wisdom of our time
the secrets of integrity lie beyond the spoken word
in the twilight of dawn
old souls are dancing ’till the morning sun
they opened their circlеs
invited are the chosеn ones
set yourself free, open your heart
release the burden that tore you apart
break the chains of your misery
in perpetuity
the signs of shadows in the flames tell of yet unknown tales
sparks in the dark reveal their paintings in the sky
i feel the presence of a force that dwells in hearts and minds
my time has come to leave this world behind
i can feel myself transcending
in trance-like silence my soul flies
i see my energies ascending
towards the endless open skies

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