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letra de nothing at all - anne clark


all this tenderness has come to nothing
all that we require is being rearranged
i’ve no wish to look to the future
for my exspectations will no doubt be changed

just rolloing along on the rest of the waves
my statements and strategies are quickly dismissed
poisoned pens in invisible paper
steel knuckles concealed by velvet fists

what is the chance of us living
some of our simplest dreams
are all the structures we build here
really as frail as they seem

the dying are the lovers of this modern world
the power and the glory survives
with radio active bargaining
and the valueness of our lives

my turn to crumble
my turn to fall
from so very humble
to nothing al all.

@sond: weltschmerz

this is where silence runs it’s course
and sadness wipes it’s eyes upon us
we fall from a structure build on troubled minds
my world becomes iron and grows an cold as winter

soldiers in uniforms of nudity march over open hearts
sweetly and sickly scented by roses
and your world i’d crushing you like those flowers
by scripts written into your skinwith the in of th-rns

ashen faces sink into silence
all lonesome trends brush shoulders
all of last nights degredation
builds foundations on us both