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letra de the poetry interview - angela  brown


i started writing poems ten years ago. i started writing when i thought i had something i wanted to say. i wanted to define my purpose in writing. i wanted to share with others about my culture ident-ty. it was then i got my calling from god. god gave me the gift to write poetry. i use my talent by sharing my poems with others

it is a form of expressing ideas from life in a poem. to me a poem is writing about love from experiences. i write poems from the heart. writing poems is something i am p-ssionate about. i am p-ssionate about my culture. my purpose in writing poems is to tell the story of my culture so others will understand me

my experience is in the black church, in the black community. i learned to express myself taking poetry workshops. from this i learned how personal experience shaped the way i think. when i write a poem, i am reaching out for the voice inside. i become the voice behind the character i am writing about. in my poems i write gravely on culture at a spiritual level. i like to sample from other artist, singers, poets work to sample their technique on how they question morality

my outlook on life has shaped my experience how i reflect on life. my personal experience is how i reflect on life. being black is an image of expression. being black is an att-tude. i feel that writing a poem is about expression and building relationships others can relate to

when i hear alicia keys sings it reminds me of my cultural ident-ty. i like her music because her voice sounds soulful. when i format the lines of the poem using the lyrical poem i think of fund memories. alicia keys songs reminds me of my childhood. alicia songs reminds me of my first love. alicia reminds me of my culture. i reflect on those themes when i write my poems. i feel my craft of writing mimics her soulful sound that in my words of a poem have become more spiritual

i like 2pac shakur poems because he speaks from the imprint of his heart about the environment he lived in. 2pac mentioned in his poem cry, that you can have all the money and fame and feel alone
i like gwendolyn brooks because she talks about family love. she says in her poem that having a happy family is paying the rent, feeding your wife and satisfying your husband. gwendolyn tells her audience that all you need is love in your life to be happy
i like nikki giovanni poem knoxville tennessee. nikki states that being happy is having fund memories of your childhood
through each poet these images demonstrate to the reader that happiness comes from being loved

i feel inspired by langston hughes poems when i follow his lyrical meter in how it flows with the words or the meaning behind the poem., i feel his wisdom and knowledge comes from his p-ssion for his cultural ident-ty. i enjoy reading maya angelou’s poems i like to read how she handles her struggle. i also like listening to songs written by rap artist biggie small because i of his different approach to writing poetry. kanye knows how to balance lines with rhyme schemes throughout the music piece that lyrically flow with the music between bars throughout the rap song. biggie small is a talented poet and rapper