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letra de surrender - angel dust


i still heart the tales
that often have been told
i hardly tried to listen
discover word of gold
knowledge ain’t wisdom
but led you through your life
and all i ask you for
is let me live mine

i hear a voice
from deep inside – open your eyes
the truth of one is
another book of lies

from birth till death
there’s a road for everyone
easy to survey so easy to run
but all simplicity might be a lie
and your grave was digged
long before you die

those words of stone
decay so soon
your truth ain’t mine
why’re you so sure you’re divine
my life- just a cesspool of lies
my life- anyone could supply
my life- ignorance with no remorse

beat me – treat me
respect i am silent
and deaf of all those
curent instructions
that you – spit on – me
imagine i am one
just like you who believes
it’s worth to besome one
of love – of faith – and pride
do you believe that your god
is anybetter than mine
are you sure it’s his will
my kind – is the next one – to die

surrender – why do you think i should
surrender – do you belive i ever could
surrender – to make you believe i’m fine
surrender – this ain’t a term of mine

wars have already been tought
no one is left to die
have you come to an answer
who’s better you or i
a voice breakes the silence
and tells the only truth
that will last forever
my word for my own life


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