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letra de still i'm bleeding - angel dust


my dear wife, seems my life is over
without you
i dream of you in every glacial night,
that i’m alone
you’re so far away from the thundering guns
round my head – so far

i feel your tears
dropping slowly down on my skin
i can taste your lips on mine
let me kiss you before i must die

oh, my love, what has been done to us?
or was there anything – i could have done?
your tears are the ocean,
that spends love and hope and faith –
for my wounded heart – to heal

i feel your tears
drying away off my skin
the shine within your eyes
will soon enlighten my night

but still i’m fighting
but still i’m bleeding
see their dying eyes and suffering
oh my love, i need to kill

believe in me, i promise you,
i soon will close my arms around you

but still i’m killing
and still i’m bleeding
i suppose to see, there’s nothing real
the answer might once be found in me

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