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letra de count jefferey - and also the trees


for he is count jefferey
for he is the servant of no man
for he casts the shadow of fear
for he is everywhere
for he rides
for he kicks
for he takes
for he leaves
for he strides down the lime groves
but sees only the road in front of him
for he has done his duty
you have done your duty
count jefferey

for he destroys
for he gains
for he takes
for he hates
and for he is the hated
and for when he takes his prey
he takes the lord’s touch
he counteracts the power of darkness
for he counteracts the devil
who rides so briskly about his life

but jefferey you lack in spirit
hey jefferey you are lacking in spirit
count jefferey

for he lies
for he waits
open eyed and granite faced
but what holds you from your sleep?
is it the gold clocks
or the nightingales you cannot hear
or the famine wolves outside your walls?
count jefferey

the portrait gallery is laughing
or is it the village babies crying?
as the nightmare of life come true
where did you go
that brought you screaming with the c-ckerels?
count jefferey