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letra de homage to pan - ancient


goat h-rned god
wandering free in the woodlands and mystical forests
to thee i owe my manhood
for thine s-xuality is untamed ans pure
satyr-king for centuries worshipped
a legacy born in the bosom of man
l-st beyond love, love beyond l-st
ruler of nymphs i praise thee

the wilderness is yours
o great son of herme and lovely dryope
when arcadians gather and sing
the sweet sound of your pipe
will resound through the night
beyond wide valleys and streams

thou make all wood-nymphs run with fright
with thine phallus awe-inspiring
like dionysus and cernunnos
the muses sing in thine glory

i am one of thousand in thy flock
be my shepherd, guide my c-ck
oh universal pan
reveal thyself to me, make me mad