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letra de in the profane domain of the frostbeast - ancient wisdom


through the grimlands, on paths unknown
through the godless realm, following the visions call
shadows, unite me with evil
let me chare your darkest pride
unveil thy kingdom wide

and the gate was opened
my eyes, eaten by the frost
blinded by icewinds
carried away on ravenwings

through frostlands of profanity
through the eternal wintersky
visions of ancient blasphemy
the ones of light must die

eternalized through hailstorms
an ent-ty of hate
enthralled domains of darkness
holds the beast’s fate

within his castle, a throne of ice
beyond the fortresswalls, a profane domain forlorn
the shadows, the guardians of his land
furious winds they ride
in the profane domain of the frostbeast