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letra de a storm from the past - anael


let the winds arise!
reemerging from the exile, buried by myriads of sand
banned from his throne, through centuries of ignorance
the ancient fire returns from deserted lands
the violent force strengthens our will again
great initiator to the secrets of sorcery
protector of the sun-barque through ra’s nocturnal journey

“horus purifies and set strengthens,
and set purifies and horus strengthens”

a prophecy of force and fire
from the heart of predynastic times
-storm is coming-
encourages our consciousness
to open the third eye
a shimmering cosmic -rg-sm
illuminates the nightsky
-storm is coming-
set our souls ablaze
with the spark of divine light


this is the arrival of the bearer of the white crown
the slayer of apep casts the old structures down
this is the preparation for the higher current
to rebalance the aeon of maat