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letra de ​a moment or two - ​amy grace (aus)


times are changing again
keeping up with the seasons it seems
feels like only yesterday
and now i’ve run out of reasons

oh another house we’ll make a home
oh you know it won’t take too long
to make our own
i’m just tired of the moves
and i just wanna stay still
for a moment or two
for a moment or two

so grab your passport again
just kidding, we’re moving round the bend
not this time, but maybe someday (someday)
i’ll pack my bags and move to norway (i’ll be on my way)

oh two weeks aren’t very long
oh this house felt like a home
we made our own
i’m just tired of the moves
i’m just gonna lay hеre and watch the moon
for a moment or two
for a momеnt or two
so i’ll savour all these moments
stargaze out my bedroom window
and i’ll play my last concert
for the sun, trees, moon and sky
on the rooftop tonight
they’re saying goodbye
i’ll see you later
oh can you do me a favour?
don’t say goodbye

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