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letra de lost flower - amiss


i fall into despair i fall into regrets of yesterday
my respone overtaken by my reactions
i fall back into the world i fall back into you
my mind overtaken by shameful desires

i can’t live like this. it’s just too much
you are everything i’ve ever hoped for but
i can’t live like this. this isn’t me at all
you are everything to me my very best friend

i think about the memories i think about yesterday
my thoughts are flooded with muddy water
i think about the wrong i’ve done i stil think you’re great
my perceptions flodded with drunkened actions


you accepted me you make me laugh
you hold me you watch my back
you keep me safe you took me home
you make me think deeper and you love me
i thought you were not that. i love your laugh
i love your smile. you’re worth the while
i miss those nights i miss your eyes.
your sweet face your soft embrace

you are everything i’ve ever dreamed but
that’s not me that’s not you i’m sorry.
i can’t anymore