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letra de underground - american pearl


older brother can ya hear me?
wish you could see me feeling good right now
tell my mother i can see her
that i’ve been dreamin’ and i can show you how

seems twenty years that we’ve been reelin’
but you lost that feelin’ and me i lost the fear somehow
hey father, where’s the boy you bleeded
hung dry and cheated?

it’s me and i took the fall for you
down the road they call yesterday
i found my moment in the sun
let’s hope the sun will be as kind today

for only this much i pray that someday from the underground
with all our friends around to bring ya down
who’ll be there to save me? they could shake you down
but you won’t give in to the underground

older brother can ya see me?
wish you could be me walkin’ in these shoes
to feel the weight of my conviction
mental addiction has got me down and losin’ sleep

so if i try to make it real, older brother would ya hear me?
and if i try again to feel, older brother could ya heal me?
who’ll be there to save me? older brother can ya hear me?
wish you could see me feelin’ good right now

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