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letra de unanswered question - amel larrieux


they speak of jobs and positions
who’s seeing who, who’s settled down
they casually mention your name
the power in the a word’s insane
how it triggers everything to come tumbling down

into the pit of my stomach
boulders and b-tterflies coexist
that chemical reaction shared by all romantics
threatens to persist

and this
unanswered question
lingers on
to this later date
can i resign
to never knowing
if i was your one that got away

the back and forth, the on and off
the “don’t call anymore”
the leaving, the wishing i had stayed
a self inflicted prison i won’t escape
like if i did the memories would decay

and there’d be no more hours of dreaming
bout what a life with you would have been
that chemical reaction shared by all romantics
has some twisted need to exist

say you feel nothing when you see me
say that where i walk, flowers have grown
say that i rocked your world
say that i was never your girl
just give me somethin’
give me somethin’ i can put in stone