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letra de concrete slides - amani  king vision ultra


the city k!lling me like it should be
staring at high-rises where my hood be
like where g o d
my people dying they getting good sleep
we been knew ain’t sh-t sweet

[verse 1: amani ]
steady moving carefully
my enemies closer than they appear to be
apparently i’m worth something
spent 10 years searching for nothing
stumbled across the numbers and found god, type disgruntled
my head wrapped with troubles
i don’t speak of
we seek love in sp-ces void of it
its deep how we want what we cannot stomach
don’t be too eager to push the b-tton
patience a discipline uninterrupted many have too little of to under-stand its complexity
only one thing to do is wonder
land from heavenly high of knowing i no longer slumber
no longer tied to trials of emotion violence and hunger
loan my survival to whom desires all but receives nothing
under authority
constantly eyes watching me following and recording me
asking myself should i act accordingly
or should i act in accordance with what means more to me
forcibly infiltrating hatred for all to see