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letra de fuck conscious rap - alvindarappa


i’m going to figure out what to do with you
she’s making a huge mistake
no, you made a mistake when you murdered lonnie
hey, everybody just take a breath, alright

i was just trying to tell them
and that’s your mistake right there
it’s everyone up for themselves these days
we wouldn’t be in this situation if you paid attention to what joan was up to

i did my best. i have always done my best
can’t say i never tried. i have always given 100%
then you’re bеst isn’t good enough
outer flow

they bе getting intellectual

yeah, i ain’t got my bros , yeah
f-ck up out this whoa
f-ck up out this whoa

they be getting locked up
they d-ck riding n-ggas in chains and bars, b-tch
in bars, b-tch
yeah, i ain’t doing that sh-t
n-gga be exposing industries
he see what’s going on
i rather be the villain than hang with ye
hang with ye

already know that sh-t, yeah
i wanna play
wanna play
n-gga be on field, yeah

they talking sh-t, yeah
all them overrated, too
they going out sad

b-tch, you overrated, yeah
you going out sad
what the f-ck
b-tch, i ain’t with them b-tch ass n-ggas

yeah, they got bbl’s
let’s go b-tch, b-tch sticking
in the bathroom
they got bbl’s
already know them n-gga crying
you just know why

time to f-ck up on out here, b-tch-ass

stop talking that sh-t, f-ggot-ass

you have any understanding of what they’re doing to me
i’ve been set up
and i don’t even want to think about what they’ll do when they find kate

i could have found a way to protect all of you
but now
now you’re all on your own
you gotta still have some friends, right

i thought lonnie was a friend
he turned on me
and you shot him
any friends you haven’t k!lled haven’t k!lled you yet

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